We supply silicon and glass wafers of customized sizes, with or no thin films coated, with or no microfluidic circuits patterned on. The thin films on the wafers can be Amorphous Silicon, Silicon Dioxide, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Carbide, and various metals etc. We also provide consulting services as listed below:
Simulation Fabrication Application
PoiseuilleFlow CouetteFlow StokesFlow Electrophoresis Electroosmosis Dielectrophoresis MagnetoHydroDynamics MachineShop EtchGlass EtchSilicon InjectionMolding MoldPDMS FusionBonding AnodicBonding EutecticBonding MetalFilm InsulationLayer TemperatureSensor PressureSensor DensityMeter Hygrometer Viscometer Flowmeter NanoFilter WindSpeedometer Centrifuge Pump ElectrochemicalDetector NMRcell ImpedanceCell

Welcome to Microfluidic Foundry and IoT!

For Better World And Better Life
Efficiency, Intelligence, Faster, Healthier

Our Mission: better transportation and utilization of our natural resources; better environmental pollution monitoring; better disease diagnostics.

Internet of Things: current efforts focus on connecting such things as moving objects (model planes, gas pipelines, and sports equipments etc.) and DIY-POC Diagnostics.

Artificial Intelligence: Microfluidic AI enabling intelligent oil, gas, water and the intelligent infrastructures.

Microfluidic Portal: listing your sites on Microfluidic Portal for free.

Recent News

March 2018
Microfluidic Foundry is an invited attendee of the IoTBuild US event and see Attendee List.
February 2018
Weekly MEMS February 9, 2018 (Page 17) and MEMS Consulting reports on Microfluidic Foundry.
January 2018
Microfluidic Foundry is approved as a registered supplier to BD.
Microfluidic Foundry is granted US patent for its microchip that directly reads moving speed by US Patent and Trademark Office.
December 2017
Microfluidic Foundry receives certificate from Berkeley Law Executive Education.
October 2017
Microfluidic Foundry delivers devices to BD Life Sciences.
September 2017
US small business office holds a SBIR road tour at Berkeley. Microfluidic Foundry is granted one-on-one meeting with Department of Energy and National Institute of Health. See our flyers Speed Sensor Chip, iDiagnostics Chip.
August 2017
Microfluidic Foundry is invited to give a talk on MEMS Manufacturing 2017.
April 2016
Microfluidic Foundry visits Intel discussing on intended collaboration.
November 2015
Microfluidic Foundry is one of the 5 finalists for the 2015 Elevator Pitch of 2015 MEMS Executive Congress.

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