World Hub Experience

Microfluidic Foundry is a registered service provider for both industry and academic R&D teams, including:

Selected publications referred to us are listed below:
Nanotechnology (2019)
Scientific Reports (2018)
Progress in Nuclear Energy (2016)

Selected references are listed below:
Dr. Alireza Salmanzadeh at BD Life Science
Dr. Omid Khandan at Complete Genomics
Prof. Liat Rosenfeld at San Jose State University
Prof. Chuanhua Duan at Boston University
Prof. Ming-Chang Lu at National Taiwan University
Prof. Xiaowei Zhang at Ningbo University
Dr. Chongfei Shen at Magnity Electronics

If you win a Nobel Prize for Cal, you will win a parking space beside the building in the picture.
And you will still need to work late as a Nobel Prize winner.